llamalover02 nói:

HAHAHAHA I love the glass break montage! WHY do people play golf in the house?!

FutachimaruAMG nói:

I love those Glass Break Complications from 4:28-4;53.

hcirpuh nói:

omfg I was eating something and then comes the pukeing babies… -.-

kimsarangrg nói:

ok you have very funny videos but the end of this was so discussing!!!!!! I was about to puke!

MagicMshroom nói:

OH MY GOD! 2:26! I have the same name! But I spell it Annissa!

07Gamboa nói:

The funniest was the dog eating that corn.

LoserLikeSwyin nói:

The babies pukes like waterfall……..

AlphaWolfMegan nói:

I got so tickled by that kid pretending to ride the motorbike.

ZeidGho nói:

2:40 Trump Jr. LOL

fordrcks1212 nói:

@hcirpuh so was I my friend. so was I

hcirpuh nói:

@fordrcks1212 I feel sorry for u… :D

Kaindred nói:

2:40 omg, the hair!

ttudor11 nói:

0:02 paparazzi XD =))

ttudor11 nói:

0:12 phase that is old

ttudor11 nói:

1:54 UUUUU :D

irazzkeren nói:

9:00 thats was nasty dude ~__~

Love123Horse nói:

I love AFV but those baby’s just made me not ever to touch a baby again

xXlikeag600Xx nói:


oiuiyutr nói:

5:04 LOL ^o^

animalaayan nói:

those babys remind me of someone very very close to me

pacovl46 nói:

awesome how the expression on the lion’s face changed from being pissed to now u gonna get it!!!