lklm1118 nói:

first to see !!!

supernerd12312 nói:

like this if ur the 7th person to see this

llamalover02 nói:

Nincompoop Corner FTW

housebird29 nói:

excellent way to start weekend… thanks a lot !!!

tlalotoani nói:

I only have to say: I just can´t get enough ^^

marjunald3z nói:

3:52 I never loved garfield this much :”>

@marjunald3z so cute

Moonlightdreamerz nói:

Omg 3:13 made me laugh SOOO hard! XD

MaskedFreedom nói:

@Moonlightdreamerz You and me both, dude!

blade123909 nói:

this is so funny