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wellooeeeee nói:

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MrBoogeymans nói:

Shit! Im late.

munnonockspirit nói:

More life lessons from AFV: Never make your own skating ramps. You’re going to have enough trouble at the park. And Trampolines ARE as dangerous as your mother always said.

Anyone else reminded of that scene in the Puss in Boots trailer when they saw the cat at the bar? lol

llamalover02 nói:

The llama did spit for a reason; tired of people hanging around who don’t know how to act around animals.

paufg nói:

this channel trully makes me happy.

MultiMaria45 nói:

I love this chanel

StarrPhototype nói:

Puss ‘n Boots !

coster619 nói:

Love this channel! 😀 Keep on upload movies! 😀

rct3fsx nói:

3:52 worst skateboarding nutshot

animebrain132 nói:

1:30 derpy dog much?

KaLiSsBbw nói:

2:08 I wanna cry with him !! :'(

Videoroamer1 nói:

“This is one paranoid pekingese.”